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About the Author

Utterly devoted to inspiring and helping others, Deidre Dorsett is well-respected and widely appreciated light worker in the true sense of the word. What makes Deidre unique is her gift; she didn’t learn how to spread light, she was born with this exceptional talent.
Even when she was at a very young age, Deidre has experienced outer body experiences. Having made contact with spiritual beings. She is a firm believer that there’s a divine light of energy that is pure love, and concludes from her mind’s eye, we are spirits experiencing a human experience. Her core mission is to spread that divine light.
Back in 1997, Deidre got an advertising design degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Ever since, she has been a freelance graphic designer with magical hands. It wasn’t long until her talent got recognized. Today, she’s the proud owner of her own brand known as Aringa Creations.
A courageous survivor that refuses to give up regardless of what life throws at her, Deidre has looked death in the eyes and loudly said – not this time! Although she has seen many dark days, Deidre remains a believer in the higher divinity.
Through her heart-touching, inspirational book The Purple Moon, Deidre hopes to reach more people and make them aware of their own spirituality. Within the pages of this book, readers find hope that brighter days are ahead. Thanks to Deidre’s warm and accepting writing tone, The Purple Moon has the power to soothe one’s soul.
Deidre Dorsett is a beloved mother of two and grandmother of four.